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Headless lift by Chickenwhite
Headless lift
What? If you found a 12-year-old passed out in the forest in the middle of the night, you'd give him a ride to the nearest hospital too.

On tumblr: (link)

I'm just playing a bit around with the thought of benign ghosts and popular folk tales and whatnot. And backgrounds. Gotta get better at those. So I'm practicing on some of the easiest things to draw; cartoon trees.

This does, by far, not have the heart of my last GF-fanart, but I knew that from the very beginning of drawing this. Not to mention this scene is boring. Like, really, really boring. I just needed to draw something vaguely backgroundy, that's the only reason why this exists.

Dipper Pines and Gravity Falls are (c) Disney.
This picture is (c) me. Any redistribution, altering or in any way use without my explicit permission is strictly illegal.
Boy, these arms are durable! by Chickenwhite
Boy, these arms are durable!
-How's about we test exactly how durable?

On tumblr: (link)

Aaand this week, on "More reasons why Chickenwhite should never be allowed to direct a children's show!"
It's the show's own fault. It's too good. Weirdos like me WILL dark-art the hell out of it.
Well, it's not really like this is explicitly dark or gory or anything, it's just... Blackmaily and a little creepy, I think. Eh, put a warning on there just to be safe.
I had a bit of fun with this picture, trying some freehand-inking for the first time in a while because I didn't feel like messing around with the pen-tool. I personally like it and I will fight anyone who doesn't. Actually, I won't, because you're entitled to your opinion and the less we bother one another, the more peace in the world. Actually, the lines are just adequate. Nothing to write home about, but they get the job done anyway.
I also had fun with the style. It's more stylized than my usual style, but that's mostly because I can't draw kids for the life of me. So I stylize stuff I can't do. Sue me.

Gravity Falls and all related characters are (c) Disney.
This picture is (c) me. Any redistribution, altering or in any way use without my explicit permission is strictly illegal.
Bill Cipher... I can't think of a pun
Seriously, YOU try and come up with a pony/equine-related pun for that gosh-dang triangle.

On tumblr: (link)

Gravity Falls and all related characters are (c) Disney.
My Little Pony; Friendship is Magic is (c) Hasbro

This picture is (c) me. Any redistribution, altering or in any wa use without my explicit permission is strictly illegal.
Watching, waiting by Chickenwhite
Watching, waiting
Cover-art made for my good friend and coworker salyjustice's fanfiction, Effigy of Anarchy.

This picture is (c) me. Any redistribution, altering or in any way use without my explicit consent is strictly illegal.
The characters and setting are all the brain-children of Salty.
MLP;FiM is (c) Hasbro.
How to train your fandom by Chickenwhite
How to train your fandom
Just a "quick" doodle of some Fandomstuck shenanigans. It was just for the hell of it, which is why I decided to leave the sketch-layer in there. Nekoise-the-Akatsuki and I talk an awful lot about fandoms and what the respective blogs we run would be in different scenarios. So I lifted this scene from How to Train Your Dragon because why not and inserted the JtHM-fandom and the Too-Cute fandom just because. Nny's the night fury. Personally, I would have made him a, I dunno, whispering death or something, but this is just for the fun of it, we're allowed to mary-sue it sometimes. And this is just a sketchy doodle, so fuck it all.

This picture is mine, bla-bla-bla, don't redistribute, etc.
Too-Cute belongs to Nekoise-the-Akatsuki
Nny belongs to me.
 HtTYD is (c) Dreamworks
Too-Cute is (c), uh, animal planet?... I think?...
JtHM is (c) Jhonen Vasquez.
I'm just gonna go bury myself now.
On tumblr: (link)
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I, uh, wha?... I'm getting favs every day en masse, what happened?...


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